Solar Hot Water

Also known as solar thermal.

Professional Solar Thermal/Hot Water Installation and service.

Reduce your energy bills by using the sun’s energy to heat your hot water.  

Why Install Solar Thermal?

Solar thermal is a great renewable energy solution that utilises the sun’s energy to heat your hot water which can then be used for showing, bathing or washing the dishes.

Save Money on Energy Bills!   

Solar thermal can heat the water in your hot water cylinder at a very low cost. When there is plenty of sun a correctly operating system can often provide 100% of your hot water usage and on cloudy days it still provides some hot water reducing the demand on your gas boiler thus reducing energy bills and carbon footprint.

Service and Repairs

Our engineers are able to service and repair all types of solar thermal systems. We usually recommend servicing solar thermal systems every 3 years and we provide advice on how to check the system is working correctly in between services. A service includes the following:

Flush and fill system adding new heat transfer fluid, checking the expansion vessel, setting flow rates and pump speed, visual check for leaks and other issues, setting controller and confirming the system is functioning correctly.

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Solar Thermal System


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