Air Source Heat Pumps

Low carbon heating solutions for new and existing buildings.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Extracting heat out of the surrounding air.

Professional Air Source Heat Pump Solutions

Extracting heat out of the surrounding air

What is an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps otherwise known as air to water heat pumps absorb heat from the surrounding outside air. A refrigeration process is used to increase the heat and produce a temperature suitable to heat a building or home. This process works in temperatures as low as -15C. Heat pumps require electricity to operate however using this renewable energy process the heat output is higher than the electricity input. Typically heat pumps can run at 300% to 400% efficiency.

Financial incentives available

The government provides financial incentives to promote the use of renewable energy and help the UK lower its carbon emissions. This is known as The Renewable Heat incentive (RHI). The scheme is available for home (domestic) and business owners (non-domestic).

SE Plumbing & Heating are MCS and RECC accredited allowing us to provide government funding though the RHI scheme. Our design team can provide estimated performance calculations and full heat loss calculations.

Installation process

SE Plumbing and heating install renewable technologies from initial consultation through to installation. Following an initial enquiry our team will carry out an assessment by telephone to determine which technologies are suitable and provide estimated energy savings and costs for the installation.

Our design consultant will then need to visit and carry out a full survey to calculate the buildings heat loss. A full quotation will be provided and on acceptance we will provide our availability to complete the installation. On completion we provide a full handover pack and provide information regarding maintenance of the system.


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